Remember it’s not just the paint but the fabric that also needs to dry before you do the next coat. It's similar to a chalk paint! I a table and four chairs to paint. Once the desired color and thickness has been achieved, start painting the upholstery. The smoother the fabric – the better the transformation. I used one part water to one part chalk paint. The process of painting fabric with chalk paint. The key to use latex paint for upholstery is to use a fabric medium. This will help the first coat of paint to soak into the fabric. And be sure to top coat after you paint! With two opposing styles of chairs in desperate need of makeovers, we were ready to get our hands (and clothes) covered in paint! Spray water on your fabric chair or sofa until the fabric is damp. !I was asked to donate a piece to a gift auction to raise money for a local teacher who has cancer and needs a pricey elective surgery done. Did you know that you can paint fabric with chalk paint!? I have seen people use chalk paint, spray on paint, Rit dye.. etc. You don’t want to apply thickly but you do want to get it “in to” the fabric. The chairs have a pretty thick fabric with a pattern. 01/01/2017 at 5:14 pm . You can mist with a spray bottle or use a wet rag to wipe over it. Also, you will want to thin the paint some with water. Dilute the paint with the fabric medium so that it soaks into the upholstery better. The Choice of Fabric. Once the paint is dry, check to see if a second coat is required. Possibilities are endless with this…enjoy! Let it penetrate the wood for 15 minutes. He adored her!I found a 1930's occasional chair that I fell in love with. View Project Book. When dry lightly sand your piece to create a surface the chalk decorative paint can adhere to. The wax does penetrate and seal the the fabric/Chalk Paint. Did you know that you can paint fabric with chalk paint!? She was all ears when I told her I could change the gold fabric by painting the upholstery with chalk paint and apply a dark walnut water-based stain over the existing wood. Your method:formula sounds easy and cost effective! Reply. Clara MacLellan Clara MacLellan Photo By: Clara MacLellan Photo By: Clara MacLellan Repeat the Process. But first…let’s consider some things…. Just to prove how easy it is to paint fabric with chalk paint I involved my young apprentice… After each coat leave for around 24 hours. … Different fabrics may need different amounts of water. I splashed a few drops on the fabric, and in hindsight, I should have been more careful. Using hot soapy water, clean the entire fabric surface thoroughly. The process couldn’t be simple. :) Nancy Paint the chalk paint with a big brush while the microfiber is wet. You can take your fabric softener (make sure you dilute it- 2 parts water to 3 parts softener) and pre-soften your couch or chair by 'painting' it on with a sponge. Reply. It is very important that you allow the paint to dry thoroughly before you begin adding accents. We painted a velvet chair using one part chalk paint to two parts water and fine-grit sandpaper. Join the conversation. I’m not afraid to paint things. To paint a fabric chair, here’s what you need: Article from I chose Rustoleum Aged Gray. It was not originally promoted to do this – and truly – although it does transform and extend the life of a piece of furniture….it may not always by successful. A wax brush works best for this. Reply. We loved its midcentury build, but the fabric was grungy and drab. Let the paint dry completely for a few hours. Dec 13, 2015 - How to Paint Upholstery, and Keep the Fabric Soft, Even Velvet! For my project I allowed the chair to sit for several hours before I moved onto this next step. But this method (from Hyphen Interiors) is the one I most closely followed. It will most likely feel stiff. Tips for Painting fabric; First, I cleaned the chair to remove dirt and oils that could compromise the adherence of paint with soapy warm water and a cloth. We kind of have a grey thing and Glen specifically picked out this color to redo our chairs in. If latex paint just dries on top of the upholstery, it leaves a stiff feel, but a fabric medium fixes this problem. This might be a great method on a cotton chair as you are basically dying the chair fabric, but for velvet I found that just simply painting straight away worked better. August 06, 2013 To say that I am skeptical about painting. My next piece is to paint a fabric living room chair with chalk paint. Popular Project Book. Oct 7, 2014 - I've been asked by several customers about painting fabric with Chalk Paint®. Chalk Painted Fabric Demo: using three swatches of fabric and three colors of paint. Don’t have an exact here because each of the paints are a little different. Furniture Painting.. I contemplated silver trim, but decided against it–maybe on the next chair! Rather, it is a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to change the overall look of outdated furniture to suit your style. Rustoleum Chalk Paint Paint Brush (My favorite paint brush!) Art. Step 3: Apply the first coat of paint. I gave the wood trim a wipe down and two quick coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure White (I had some left over from my dining room table and chairs). Using the degreaser, apply with a brush. Paint the entire surface of your chair the color you have chosen for the base color. Then, I applied a coat of Behrs Chalk paint with a regular brush. Once dry, buff. From what I have read, AS paint does not leave the fabric stiff. I’m trying “Chalked” by Rust-Oleum in Aged Grey. Hi there!!! Have you used your recipe on fabric? The whole painting of fabric furniture is something that evolved with using Chalk Paint® by customers choosing to try it. This is the chair... Don't get me wrong, I like the chair. 2- Latex Paint-This is an effective technique–if you do it right. Sand the velvet with fine-grit sandpaper to soften it. Chalk paint seemed expensive. NOTE: When painting fabric with Chalk Paint, it’s best to wet if beforehand. Wipe away excess. But in the name of science and all that is crafty, I'm painting a fabric chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® today. So I mixed 1 part fabric medium to 2 parts paint. Thank you for sharing your process. Step 2: Paint With a paint brush begin painting your piece. Decorating your furniture with chalk paint is convenient and doesn’t require priming or stripping. Paintings. If the paint sits on top and does not penetrate the fabric, when you sit on it, or bend it, it will probably crack. Cover anything and everything that you don't want paint on. Diane Henkler says. The second chair we found hiding on the 7th floor of our office building, covered in 20 year old dust. The paint gave the fabric an almost oil-cloth look and texture, which I love. !I was asked to donate a piece to a gift auction to raise money for a local teacher who has cancer and needs a pricey elective surgery done. Painting Old Unsanded Furniture. But, I can now add it to my list because I painted a fabric chair! How to Paint Stripes on a Fabric Chair with Chalk Paint. Frog Tape Scotchgard (Affiliate Links Included) Step One: Clean thoroughly. Just know that it needs to be thinned some when painting fabric for best results. This woman taught my son in the 4th grade, 6 years ago! It’s best to make it very obvious that whilst the chair … When PAINTING FABRIC, you need a “breathable” paint. He adored her!I found a 1930's occasional chair that I fell in love with. Mix the chalk paint with some water and test it on a spot you will not be able to see, like the back of a chair or sofa. From: HGTV Handmade ... Feel the fabric with your hand once the paint is dry. She shares everything she learned in her tutorial… Here is her before and after! However, I was a little skeptical of the recent popularity with painting upholstered furniture. Today we are giving the 101 basic tutorial on painting fabric with Fusion Mineral Paint. To prepare your furniture, first remove any handles and other hardware, and wipe the surface with a damp cloth. I put a fan on it and it took a couple hours. How to Use Chalk Paint on a Fabric Chair Homeroad. Most of the chairs are kinda a dirty cream color but it has an intermittent stripe pattern with burgundy, dark green and blue stripes. Absolutely! Shelley Graham Turner says. I asked her if she would trust me to try a less conventional option that would fit within her budget. Tape the legs and any parts you want to protect from the paint. I just finished painting my kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan chalk paint. So, I researched and thought the chalk paint would be my best bet. You can use a spray bottle or a paint sprayer (more about that in next step). Dana, I just recently started painting two medium size all fabric chairs with the chalk paint in French linen. My motto is: it’s just paint – you can always repaint! Painting Upholstery With Chalk Paint Ok, so Tamara from ‘Provident Home Design‘ took this idea a step farther, and made her own chalk paint to paint a fabric couch! So, Chalk Paint will be my choice of paint. Then, fill in any cracks with filler, and sand the surfaces down to help the paint stick. Do one coat across the surface working in sections across as you go. It comes down to four basic steps to achieve success in transforming furniture – the fabric….with chalk paint. I was able to cover it, but it took several coats. fabric with chalk paint is an understatement! Then...go get a Diet Coke, put your feet up, and let that baby dry. The dry fabric will be slightly stiffer than it was before paint, but still flexible. Clean with a cloth. Explore . Adding more paint then fabric medium made my paint mix more opaque. Chalk paint can be used to paint almost anything (walls, kitchen cabinets, metal, wood and even fabric), but the most common use is to breathe new life into old furniture or make new pieces look old. Make sure to let it fully dry before starting. Just about any type of fabric can be painted. Painting Media. Both the frame and the fabric were in very good condition. Spray more water if you feel like your surface is drying out. The reason I used latex paint and f abric medium is that the consensus is that it gives you the softest finish to the fabric. How to Paint upholstery, and Keep The Fabric soft, even Velvet! Perfection isn't key....equal coverage is. 01/05/2017 at 12:57 pm. (I know hideous). Chalk Paint, for example, is considered breathable because it will soak into the fabric. Take your painter's tape and cover all the trimming of the couch or chair. This woman taught my son in the 4th grade, 6 years ago! I started off following our tutorial HERE- -first mixing some gray paint I had on hand with fabric … While the fabric is still damp, apply the first coat of paint. It's Polynesian-funky with an autumn leaf flair. 10 Amazing Ways to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden. Then you are ready to prime and paint. I used House&Canvas wax because it's solvent free, it's light weight and streak free and leaves the fabric super soft and comfy :) Like. Painting fabric shouldn’t be a daunting task. Tutorial for painting fabric using a chalk paint. If there is fabric, or any elements that need to be removed, glued, secured or adjusted do so at this point. I am about to paint my first fabric chair. Step Two: Paint chair. How to Paint a Fabric (Upholstered) Chair with Chalk Paint Since the only thing wrong with the chair was the color, and I loved the style of it, I figured trying a little paint was worth it. I used House&Canvas Furniture Paint.