Johnson's Blue Geranium Johnson's Blue Cranesbill Geranium Johnson's Blue. After blooming the plant should be trimmed back by half its height to keep the plant looking tidy and to encourage light reblooming. Geraniums are known for the breadth of conditions they can tolerate, from full sun to dry shade, as well as the ease with which they can be grown. Per Bag of 1. They work well in planters, borders, mixed flowerbeds and containers. Zonal Geranium Plants. Shady Hill Gardens offers three collections of beautiful geraniums to choose from when you order: the Fancy Leaf collection, the Novelty collection, and the Scented collection. Hardy geraniums (also known as cranebill) are tolerant of almost any soil type, including clay, loam and sand, but prefer well-drained soil. $11.98 Sale $5.99. Geranium Johnson's Blue - Common name:Cranesbill, Perennial Geranium - Extremely long blooming - large vivid periwinkle blue flowers appear continuously from late spring to fall. Crane's Bill Johnson's Blue is the most famous blue geranium ever. Legendary color and flowers. Relatively drought resistant, geraniums still prefer a drink whenever the soil dries out. Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' is a beautiful perennial geranium with large, true blue flowers blooming from late spring into mid-summer. Blue Geranium found in: Geranium 'Johnson's Blue', Geranium 'Hardy Blues Collection', Geranium bohemicum 'Orchid Blue', Geranium 'Blue Sybil',.. Guaranteed Satisfaction Free Shipping On Orders Over $40. Geranium maculatum The bright lavender flowers of Wild Geranium are a spring favorite and this woodland wildflower retains its attractive foliage all season long. 15-18" tall x 12-18" wide. Geraniums for Sale. Geraniums are sun worshippers so plant them where they will receive at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sun a day. These are the plants your mom, her mom and her m. Toggle Navigation. But, don't over water or the plants will rot at the base. Flower colors ranging from white, blue, purple and a multitude of pinks. Zonal Geraniums offer upright habit and large flowers that bloom all summer long. Remove the faded flowers as they appear to keep the plant tidy and to encourage more bloom. The finely cut, divided leaves of Geranium Johnson's Blue turn to hues of reds and oranges during the fall adding extended seasonal interest to your garden. Another from similar parentage is Brookside with even deeper blue flowers. We are currently shipping geraniums through June 2017 or as temperatures allow. Nomenclature aside, the plants we know and love as geraniums are truly wonderful plants that come in a variety of forms including: zonals, ivies, and 50 Pcspack Rare Blue Geranium Plants Perennial Flower Indoor Rooms Bonsai Potted Elegant Mix-color. Most popular from this group is Johnson's Blue, a world favorite with large (1 1/2 to 2 inch) true blue flowers. Shop undefined 2.5-Quart Multicolor Geranium in Pot (L5450) in the Annuals department at Lowe' Shady Hill Gardens has a wide variety of geraniums for sale. It is easily grown in a wide range of soils and is a long lived hybrid selection. Free Shipping On Orders Over $40. They are a favorite with bees and butterflies. With our extensive selection of hardy geraniums for sale, you can easily find varieties that suit your garden and your personal preference. Long-lived, the plants expand to form a nice clumps that also work well as a groundcover. (Geranium) Learn More. Blue: The basic coloring of The Lilac Geranium from the Himalayas, for example, gives us many of the great blue selections. Large flowers, compact plant.