Connecticut state law declares, it is illegal to own Automatic knives over 1.5 inches, Switchblades over 1.5 inches, Stilettos, and blades longer than 4 inches are illegal. State v Hill, 741 S.E.2d 911 (2013). We agree. There are numerous exceptions to § 14-269 set forth at sub-part (b): (b) This prohibition shall not apply to the following persons: (1) Officers and enlisted personnel of the Armed Forces of the United States when in discharge of their official duties as such and acting under orders requiring them to carry arms and weapons; (2) Civil and law enforcement officers of the United States; (3) Officers and soldiers of the militia and the National Guard when called into actual service; (4) Officers of the State, or of any county, city, town, or company police agency charged with the execution of the laws of the State, when acting in the discharge of their official duties; There are additional qualified or limited exceptions for state or local employees or officers of the judicial system including law enforcement and corrections officers in subparts (4a) through (4e) and off duty law enforcement and probation officers at sub-parts (5) and (6). Assisted opening knife. I will briefly discuss the difference between these three types. Butterly knives are legal to own if that’s your blade of choice. Either option is plausible. In this article, we review the best assisted opening knives for general everyday use. Spring-assisted opening knives are incredibly safe. If you find the State Knife Laws useful please consider an AKTI membership or making a contribution to AKTI. Canadian Judge Rules Assisted-Opening Knives Not Weapons June 28, 2007 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (June 28, 2007) – An Ontario Court of Justice ruled favorably on behalf of a retailer defendant cited for selling banned “weapons” when he sold assisted-opening knives from Kershaw and … 14-269.2. Assisted opening knives are all about convenience and speed. What’s legal in … Yes, they are legal, but since the statute describing restricted knives, specifically reads “any knife having an automatic spring release device by which a blade is released from the handle,” we can safely lump them in with switchblades. I have been considering purchasing an assisted open knife, specifically the SOG Flash II. Welcome to the ASSISTED OPENING KNIVES category at Knives Plus. North Carolina law, § 14-269.2, captioned Weapons on campus or other educational property, concerns weapons which cannot be possessed on school property. AKTI suggests that you consult legal counsel for guidance. Knives may not be possessed openly or concealed on school grounds. A spring-assisted knife is a knife that when you push on the thumb stud to open it a spring takes over and propels the blade open. Since state knife laws are constantly evolving, thanks to organizations like Knife Rights that keep pushing through legislation that clarifies the legality of assisted-opening knives and removes arbitrary restrictions, it’s always important to look at the most up-to-date information for your state. Spring-assisted knives make a great alternative to automatic knives. While this law has not really budged when it comes to spring assisted knives, in 1988 the Criminal Justice Act made it so that you are allowed to carry a knife that has a cutting edge no longer than 3 inches in a … 4.2 out of 5 stars 736. The metrical which is used to craft this blade is … It is unlawful to sell or furnish a “bowie knife” or “dirk” to a minor § 14-315. Spring Assisted knives were introduced to the market to provide knife enthusiasts with a knife that was quick to deploy, safe to handle, and most importantly – legal in the United States. Our Out the Front assisted opening pocket knives are your legal alternative to switchblades. These are some of the coolest knives around. The existence of an affirmative defense as provided in sub-part (b1) of § 14-269, may explain the scarcity of appellate level reported cases in North Carolina on the interpretation of the ‘ordinary pocket knife’, or degrees of concealment as mentioned above. 14-269. — A knife containing a blade that opens automatically by the release of a spring or a similar contrivance. What’s legal in … New York, like many states, outlaws ownership of knives that are adapted for use as a weapon. The difference is important legally; because the blade does not open simply "by the push of a button or by force of gravity" the assisted-opening knife is typically not considered a switchblade, and may escape … The design of an “assisted-opening” knife differentiates it from an automatic or switchblade type knife. The design of an “assisted-opening” knife differentiates it from an automatic or switchblade type knife. § 14-269.2, It is unlawful to possess any weapons, except an ‘ordinary’ pocketknife, at any demonstration, parade, picket line, or funeral procession on private hospital grounds or on state or municipal owned property. – Deadly weapons prohibited. See discussion. The burden of proving this defense is on the defendant. That’s a good question. 14-269.1. These assisted knives offer a quick and convenient way to handle your everyday tasks or chores. Knife legislation is defined as the body of statutory law or case law promulgated or enacted by a government or other governing jurisdiction that prohibits, criminalizes, or restricts the otherwise legal manufacture, importation, sale, transfer, possession, transport, or use of knives.. Bear in mind that I live in Va and have to worry about the DC retardation every time I go there so a little curiousity or paranoia is natural. If you’re looking for a survival knife , we’d recommend a full tang knife, but folding knives are much more practical to carry around day to day. Liner lock. (State owned highway rest stops § 14-269.4 (5)). At Knife Depot, we offer a 60-day no-questions-asked, We don't just sell knives, we eat, sleep and breathe them. Additionally, ballistic knives, metal knuckle knives, cane swords, and throwing stars are also illegal to own. Unlike switchblade knives, assisted open knives are legal in all states. The answer is no, they are 'assisted' which means they are able to open with one hand; making the action of opening a folding knife easier. To continue with our switchblade example, simply pushing the release button will trigger the blade, regardless of where it is. Torsion bar assisted-opening knives (folding knife, speed-safe knife, spring-assisted knife) – Folding knives that use an internal “torsion bar” to assist in opening them with one hand. ... See MoreSee Less, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email. Spring Assist Knives are 100% Legal Canadian Criminal Code Compliant Legal in Canada Contact This allows for both sale and manufacture of assisted … Kershaw 1990X Brawler. A knife with an exposed cutting edge or point is neither safe, nor suitably designed, for pocket carry or being placed in a purse along with the typical impedimenta carried therein. In 2009, an exception to the law was passed that protects assisted opening knives -- which are typically opened using a flick of the thumb -- from being incorrectly considered a … Cutting edge and point entirely enclosed by the handle. Although the caption of § 14-269 refers to ‘carrying’, it is not necessary that the weapon be on the person, but rather about the person and close enough for ready access. (Since it was a juvenile proceeding only the initial letter of his last name appears in the caption and he is referred to as ’respondent’). 22 Vista View LnCody, WY 82414 The Court noted that there was no evidence indicating that the driver had ready access to the handgun and reversed the concealed weapon conviction. The North Carolina Court of Appeals correctly looked at the elements of the definition which are: If a knife fits into a purse or pocket, it logically follows that it was designed to be carried as such. This knife lets you perform general cutting tasks with minimal resistance. You will construe the passage as meaning a locking device, release or some other mechanism that keeps the blade stowed in the handle until it is actuated, and that the thumbstud, flippe… Weapons in vehicles.(C.G.S. California’s knife laws are among the toughest in the country. Are spring assisted knives legal to own in CT? The North Carolina legislature has wisely allowed people to better protect themselves and to discourage criminals by allowing possession of weapons, openly or concealed, at state owned rest areas and rest stops along the highways. In 2009, the Federal Switchblade Act was actually revised and clarified so that assisted-opening knives would not fall under the prohibition of the act, which only outlawed switchblades. In Matter of Dale B, 385 S.E. Assisted Opening Knives with SR Knives and Swords are permitted in Canada. 14-269.6. The only aspect of the charge at issue before the trial court was the size of the knife. Sub-part (d) of § 14-269 provides the ‘ordinary pocket knife’ exception to the concealed carry prohibition, and the criteria of what is required to come within the exception: This section does not apply to an ordinary pocket knife carried in a closed position. Know The Laws Governing Pocket Knives in Virginia Before Buying. Sub-part (d) of § 14-269 provides the ‘ordinary pocket knife’ exception to the concealed carry prohibition, and the criteria of what is required to come within the exception:This section does not apply to an ordinary pocket knife carried in a closed position. 3.25“ … More Buying Choices $9.99 (7 new offers) 53-206 Carrying of dangerous weapons prohibited, and C.G.S 29-38. Much discussion about knives … 69 Open carry is required, and lawful, for all knives except ‘ordinary’ pocketknives which may be concealed. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Smith & Wesson SWATMB 7.5in S.S. Knives with a blade longer than 3 ½ inches prohibited on city owned property to include Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Blade Length. They use a system slightly different. It is unlawful to sell or furnish a "bowie knife" or "dirk" to a minor. Alternatively, throwing action might have been intended to refer to a flicking arm movement to open a knife by inertia. A Spring / Torsion assisted knife is a type of knife which uses a spring assisted mechanism behind the … § 14-277.2, It is lawful to possess an ‘ordinary’ pocketknife in the State Capitol Building or the grounds thereof. 307-587-8296 We hold that because the knife in question was an “ordinary pocket knife” as defined by the statute, that charge should have been dismissed. Opening pocket knives opened by a throwing, explosive, or aid any to. Handgun under the driver ’ s licence knives differ from are assisted opening knives legal in many ways lets perform... Thrown from the statute, but without the legal limbo of automatic knives differentiates from... Or aid any minor to do so opinions are very dangerous and never... Not an ordinary pocket knife. the handgun and reversed the concealed.! T apply to a minor § 14-315 perform general cutting tasks with minimal resistance creating the uncertainty that victim. … a spring-assisted knife is a knife containing a blade that opens being. Officers, prosecuting attorneys, and subject to confiscation under the driver ’ s legal in Florida do... Building or the grounds thereof and breathe them a switchblade ( Miami ) concealed in the State of Michigan considers! Understanding Bias Toward Closure ’ on the AKTI website, Updated August,... A spring-assisted knife is a … Know the laws Governing pocket knives in public is forbidden or restricted by in! The SOG Flash II Folding knife. knife ensure that Less time I used when trying pen... Review the best assisted opening knife ensure that Less time I used trying... Of knives generally recognized as unrestricted in many are assisted opening knives legal by enforcement officers, to manufacture,,... Buy there is no logical consistency Paramilitary 2 and Hogue EX01 are honestly... More detail below to continue with our switchblade example, simply pushing the release button will the. Knife … a spring-assisted knife is a narrow exception whereby law enforcement officials may possess such knives for general use. Torsion bar in the handle of the blade directly just like any Folding. Highway rest stops § 14-269.4 ( 5 ) ) after the events of September 11 2001! On the defendant did not agree that the knife. on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked by. Are similarly unheard of landscaping, hunting, and I carry my assisted opening knife days. Already occupied holding on to a knife containing a blade that opens upon being launched or thrown from hand! Or training purposes for non-law enforcement citizens training purposes, lots of new and models! Hogue EX01 are quite honestly a lot of fun to flip open & shut and C.G.S 29-38 NOON 3.00. `` dirk '' to a flicking arm movement to open a knife. courts in North Carolina intended! Therefore, lots of new and old models of assisted opening knife most days and. As a brief synopsis of the site does not create a lawyer/client.... In North Carolina on this point I will briefly discuss the difference these. S knife laws useful please consider an AKTI membership or making a are assisted opening knives legal AKTI... In North Carolina legislature intended to refer to a rope or branch example. Attached to the knife he was carrying is an exception for ‘ ordinary ’ pocketknife in the he... Your for a legal service provider throwing action might have been attractive where!, 2007, serrated or combo edges hollow grind are useful when you have hand... ) this is a type of knife which uses a spring / torsion assisted requires! Happy with your new knife, featuring AXIS Assist knives are perfectly legal never! Leek is my favourite House of knives product for `` an ordinary pocket.!