Any advice would be appreciated. Try bending a tree branch. Advice on fruit tree pollination. No need to register, buy now! what treatment would you sugest. If the tree’s dead, it will easily snap. The Foraging Course Company, The Hall, Rugby Road, Wolston, Warwickshire, CV8 3FZ. His knowledge is encyclopedic. Damson trees are good ‘doers’ and can fruit for 50 years. On the question of pruning your tree I would wait until early summer time - this will drastically cut down the chance of infection from silver leaf disease - the air borne spores of this disease are very dominant during the winter period. Hi Bob on the question of your fruit trees your plum trees will be the first to flower and could have quite easily been affected by the late frost. Q. Damson plum tree not giving fruit. This is a defense mechanism that allows the tree to conserve water by shutting off the water supply to its leaves. It is difficult for me to explain the techniques by email and it would be easier to ask an experienced gardener to show you the techniques or contact your nearest Horticultural College or Gardening Society. We have damson trees available for sale which produce both small and large fruits, which are generally ready for picking between September and October. Select from a complete range of Damson trees for sale here. Both of my plum trees planted about 3 years ago are not bearing any blossoms at all, but lots of healthy leaves. For this year it is important that you collect any infected plums and disperse of them. There is no easier answer to the problem, if you cut the main roots back they will start to shoot again and this is going to be detrimental to your Plum Tree. Black rot may girdle limbs and in severe cases form on the tree’s trunk. How to grow. You can also create a hedge or windbreak of damsons. I have also put down some slug pellets as they have been eating my lupins. I have an ornamental plum tree Prunus Blireana that has reached about 30 feet in height. Plum Trees are the earliest flowering of the fruit trees Tricia and this makes them more vulnerable to frost damage and this could quite easily be the reason why you have had no plums on your tree. Farleigh is one of the hardiest of damsons, making it a good choice for difficult situations where other fruit trees may not flourish. Our damson trees are ideal for those looking for top of the range trees which will produce good crops of fruit for years to come. The leaf curl on your Damson Tree could quite easily have been caused by aphids and it would be worth looking on the under side of the leaves to see if there are any present. Another popular variety is Merryweather, which produces larger fruit than the average damson, sweet enough to be eaten raw, and is particularly suitable for colder, wetter areas. Is he correct - should we take out the damsons? That’s why you see those wilted, yellow or brown leaves. Blackthorn, however, has a considerable number of thorns and the fruit is very astringent, even when ripe. We have an old victoria plum tree and next to it, along the fence are 4-5 damson "trees" that almost look like a hedge. The photo shows wild damsons, a bullace and a dark plum. This means you will have an excuse to gather and pick all of your plums, damsons and gages which are perfect for eating straight from the tree and baking into mouth-watering pies. Your Victoria should be pruned June time to avoid the risk of infection from the Silver Leaf Fungal Diseases. Plum, damson and gage trees are commonplace in the United Kingdom and they also grow readily in the wild because their fruits often litter the ground when they ripen. In the spring time I would feed your Plum Tree with a general base fertiliser such as GrowMore of Fish Blood and Bone Meal and if possible, your tree would appreciate being mulched around the roots with some well rotted manure. The holes in the leaves of your Damson Tree Elly is probably Shot Hole Disease which is a fungal disease that attacks Damsons, Peaches and Cherries. So after you buy a plum tree, you should make sure that the soil at the location is humus-rich and nutritious, yet permeable. Which is right and should I have a problem with pollination? I would wait until early Summer before pruning your Damson Tree Adrian - this will cut down on the chances of your tree being infected by the Silver Leaf Fungi disease, the air borne spores are more active during the winter period. I have a fan trained plum tree planted 4 years ago against a 12 foot high stone wall.I have noticed today that the bark is splitting exposing the inner of the tree. I think they could have had silver leaf. The sap which is now running down the branches sounds very much like as though your tree has been infected with bacterial canker. The air borne spores enter the tree through exposed cuts and also splitting of the bark and for this reason I would advise you use a tree sealant to cover these exposed areas. A Damson tree or a Greengage tree will both make for an ideal alternative or complement to the traditional British kitchen garden staple, the plum tree. Damson Fruit Trees. The most common plum tree diseases include black knot, plum pocket, brown rot, plum pox virus, perennial canker and bacterial leaf spot. Once established, the damson plum tree requires very little care. Damson trees don’t usually grow too tall so they can be easy to reach or in some years the weight of the fruit bends the branches down to picking height for you. Select from a complete range of Damson trees for sale here. Your Victoria Plum Tree Jackie needs to be planted in a sunny sheltered position in a well drained soil, and with them being early flowering you need to avoid planting in a frost pocket. I would also remove the ants nests as the ants will be damaging the bark and when your Plum Tree is fully dormant I would spray the trunk with a tar oil winter wash which will kill any pests/predators harbouring in the crevices. A serious pest of the Plums Kate is Plum Sawfly and the tell tale signs are a tiny hole in the Plum which is surrounded by a sticky glucose substance and inside the Plum is a creamy white grub which is the grub of the Plum Sawfly, and I am sure that this is the grub you are having problems with. The leaves were the same as Damsons but the fruit was smaller. and more. This is an airborne disease that affects the plum family. Plums, gages and damsons: choosing cultivars Plums, gages and damsons are all stone fruits that thrive in sheltered, warm gardens. And I would also use the sealing compound on the cracks and holes which are further along the trunk. Location. Buy Farleigh as half-standards on St Julien A rootstock. The branches grow straight and twigs are often spiny in wild plants. Thanks. I think this is a wonderful idea John but rather than take cuttings from your grandfather's tree I would graft a shoot or shoots from the tree onto a commercial available plum root stock. Some damsons, such as Merryweather, can be eaten straight off the tree, and they all get sweeter as they ripen, but the classic use for damsons is in the kitchen: they make the best jam. The trunks and branches had a darker core. We have damson trees available for sale which produce both small and large fruits, which are generally ready for picking between September and October. Damson can be found in hedgerows, woodlands, parks and gardens. So the formation of galls can stress and weaken the tree itself, as it … Feed the tree once a year using 8 ounces of fertilizer for each year of the tree's age. Your Damson Tree belongs to the same family as Plums and there is no reason why you cannot eat the fruit Nicky. I have a plum tree growing in my garden, and have had a large crop of fruit this year. This will cause a lot of disruption to the lawn - is there another option? Plum Tree Cultivars. If your Damson Tree has been planted in a badly drained/acid soil Rhiannon flecking of the bark can occur and I must stress that Damsons do prefer an alkaline soil. They have an astonishing few days of yellowness on the … The golden resinous substance oozing from the trunk of your Damson Tree Judith has probably been caused by the bacterial Canker disease which is a serious disease of Damsons, Cherries and other stone fruit trees and, I am afraid that you are going to have to check the branches which have been infected and these will need to be cut out and removed to stop the spread. Also known simply as the Prune Damson, it has radiant purple fruit with a seriously astringent flavour when fresh: too much so for most palates, but mouth-wateringly delicious after cooking.It makes incomparable jam or compote and after being dried into a prune, it can be an excellent ingredient in savoury dishes as well. They broaden slightly on the top half. But, I would stress that pruning is carried out during the summer period. Any pruned stems would be better treated with a tree sealant such as Arbrex. Damsons - smaller in size and much more tart than their edible plum 'cousins'- are a fantastic main component in jams, chutneys and preserves, home brews (damson gin, anyone?) They often hybridise and are difficult to tell apart when this happens. I have read that. I water it regularly. Many branches had broken last year partly because of the crop but they rotted on the tree. Two plums, one pear, one apple tree all stand about 5ft high. With your Damson being a fruit crop I always reluctant to recommend any insecticide sprays and you will usually find that the aphids do not cause large amounts of damage. CRJ Fruit Tree Nursery UK grows a huge range of varieties and use only the cleanest stocks available for propagation. Is it due to the hot weather or is it because we cut it back in the spring and did not coat the branches after cutting? Damson Tree Men and women appear to make it acquainted with its charms where your backyard is grown in by you. Over the past three years we have mowed the lawn taking the tops off the root shoots. What can I do about this problem for next year? Damson Trees will grow as far north as Scotland, but are favoured by the wetter conditions of the western side of the country. Black knot is a plum tree problem that begins as a velvet green knot in spring then turns black and swollen. Any ideas on how I can encourage the trees to produce fruits? An excellent all-round variety of Damsons is Merryweather and if you have limited space in your garden the Shropshire Damson is an ideal choice. Farleigh Damson Rootstocks: Please note that our 2 year old half standard trees and our one year old maiden trees are on St Julien A rootstocks, whilst our two year old bush size trees are on a Pixy rootstock.This is perfect for wire-trained shapes like fans and it can also make a freestanding tree … Gardening gets fruity with your damson-related questions... Warton's Bill Blackledge is one of the county's most popular and sought after gardeners. Little pruning is required in the early stages of growth but any pruning that is required is far better carried out during July as this will avoid infection from the Silver Lear air borne fungal disease. Could the tree be dead? Plum trees are the first of the fruit trees to flower Ken which makes them susceptible to frost damage and this could quite easily have been the problem this year. I think I have a problem with my damson tree. Leaves that develop later are not affected, although the earlier damage often remains visible throughout the summer; Mealy plum aphid is active in mid- to late summer, when dense colonies of pale greenish white aphids cluster on the underside of leaves and shoot tips. Recently I noticed some of the leaves have been nibbled at and found a few aphids. The tree didn't bear any fruit last year and two plums in the first year we had it but I'm assuming this is because it is too young? The right location for damson trees. It's the life of our garden and I don't want to harm it! I have a Victoria plum tree which has done well this year, I do have some saw fly infestation, but not as bad as previous years due to me hanging up a trap to catch the male fly, the problem I have is the fruit is going bad on the tree and withers away, they have a purplish bloom on the plum I recognise this as the plums that are going to rot, can you please tell me what your thoughts are on this problem. Small snails seem to have been caught in the resin, so it must move quickly. I am almost certain that the variety of your pear  is Conference which is self pollinating.You are correct about the copper strip - it will stop the slugs eating your plants. How much can I prune (re major boughs) and when is the best time? If your Plum Tree has being fruiting Marea it is still worth keeping, and what your tree requires is a general gardening overhaul. Show 2 more. Use as a food The fruit can be eaten raw when fully ripe, but can be quite acidic. My two year old dwarf plum tree only produces leaves at the tip of bare spindly branches. You will however need to wait until we have a dry weather period before applying the sealant. The formation of leaf galls requires a good deal of energy and nutrients from the tree, as it tries to defend and heal itself. In some respects the small fruit on your tree could have been quite easily caused by very dry conditions and during the fruiting period - if at all possible - it is well worthwhile to give your trees a good watering.