border: 0px none; border-color: #009999; English: The Q11 bus route operates along Woodhaven Boulevard between Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst and Old Howard Beach or Hamilton Beach in Queens, New York City. width: 980px; Howard Beach is a neighborhood in the southwestern portion of the New York City borough of Queens.It is bordered to the north by the Belt Parkway and Conduit Avenue in Ozone Park, to the south by Jamaica Bay in Broad Channel, to the east by 102nd–104th Streets in South Ozone Park, and to the west by 75th Street in East New York, Brooklyn.The area consists mostly of low-rise single-family houses. google_ad_slot = "9728055255"; .table_d2e220 td { border: 0px none; width: 980px; include:retweets"""", Tweets -->,