No large company with a big shop and overhead can afford to get away with those prices, so we often have the advantage if we get the business by walking an area, but we lose the advantage in advertising exposure, so it’s a toss up. simple gable roof, we have a price of over $500 per square. This seems like a very high replacement quote compared to the average, but we don’t know the specific details of the roof. Whether it’s 3-tab or architectural shingle, it doesn’t really change the cost of overhead or labor all that much for us. ft. or $275 per square of shingles) can also come from a so-called “weekend warrior” or “storm chaser” who works without any liability insurance and with no worker’s comp, which could be a liability for the homeowner. You can get slate for $750 gees O Pete. Assuming both roofers are certified, we obviously like the $8,000 quote better. Other than that, there is really not a whole lot of difference, plus you get to save $750 with Duration Storm shingles. Thus, the difference in the cost of materials is only about $250 between the two brands. We’re assuming you are going with architectural shingles, not 3-tab, since you want a long-lasting roof. Therefore, I’d rather pay more for a quality product and trusted service. The job before that was a nightmare. The quality and grade of slate tiles and their costs can vary greatly, as well as the quality of installation. Our view is that as long as you are comfortable working with this particular contractor, assuming they have a solid track record with other homeowners in your area, and you get everything including warranty clearly outlined in writing, there is no reason to worry about the fact that the quote you’ve received is too low. We knew the roof was old and would need some repairs, but they are charging us almost double the estimate. — On the low-end, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000 for a simple asphalt roof replacement job on a typical four-square or ranch style house, while on the high-end your total cost could range from $9,000 to $15,000 (or even more in some cases) for a more difficult installation, premium materials, and comprehensive workmanship warranty. Those are very important intangibles to consider. Price: High to Low ... N/A (15) RIDGE (12) + View More. Roofing is the easiest to estimate. If the crew is not careful, there is a lot that could go wrong with the PV solar panels during the removal and remounting process. Hi, I am located in Littlestown, PA. My roof is 42 squares and I am looking to get it replaced with premium shingles. In fact, the difference in pricing between a regular roofer and a GAF Master Elite certified contractor can be as high as 10% to 20%. The price also includes a 30-year workmanship warranty. What do you think? I will build you a garage for that and put a roof on your house!!! I have absolutely no idea what to do with this price disparity and, I loved the long-term security of the $10.5k quote, but am doubtful that any company (corporate or small), stands by warranties (or, insurance policies) anymore. Okay we live in Downey, Ca (90242). Would really appreciate your thoughts on this. So, if hypothetically, a roofer had done a header and killed themselves, the man ( State) would have come looking for your workers compensation, which you would not have, and take your house and everything else you own instead. From a homeowner’s perspective this is not the best deal by any stretch of imagination. What kind of shingles are you getting installed and are you getting a workmanship warranty on the installation? There are many smaller roofing contractors that offer good quality products and quality workmanship at more affordable prices. You get what you pay for. I have no problem with Chuck in the truck contractors, but how often do you read stories about contractors taking 50% down and never being heard from again? 3-tab Shingles Favourite. Not sure if the veterans also get the discount. Please Contact. So, the whole job was under $6k. We never saw any signs of wood shavings on the ground where they would have been cutting wood for the sheeting or studs. Let us know what you decide and best of luck with your new roof! We just finished up a 28 sq two story combination. A. Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets: Types & Prices in Nigeria. Let’s very generously add another $50 per square for underlayment, plywood, nails and supplies, etc., for the total cost of materials at $150 per square. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Roofing Sheets for buying in India. Steel Roof Tile Sheets. METAL ROOFING: Region I – (4th Quarter of 2018) Material Description: Unit Ave. Price (Php) Corrugated Roofing, Gauge 26 (0.51mm x 2.44mm) sqm 254.00: Pre-painted Metal Roofing Sheet Ga. 26 Long Span: sqm 373.00: Pre-painted Metal Roofing Sheet Ga. 26 x 2.44m: sqm Water runs downhill and wind can blow it uphill. They are only $10 a square cheaper than architectural, but they do take much more thought installing. Find here online price details of companies selling Metal Roofing Sheet. Two roll Available, each 70x4 selling for $300 or $540 for BOTH.good for roofing siding flooring metal sheets. So, the big unknown in this $65,000 tile replacement quote is the brand and the type of concrete tiles that contractor plans to install. GAF shingles treated with StainGuard and Owens Corning shingles with StreakGuard are popular options in the PNW. What About Prices for Other, Less-Common Roofing Systems? All great points Joe and thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! If we deduct, the cost of gutters & downspouts ($6,500), plus zinc strips ($3,400), we are left with about $30,000 for the cost of a new roof including ridge vent. All professional roofers use “squares” to measure and estimate roofs. At 40 squares (4,000 sq.ft. ft. Might even upgrade to Architectural shingles with ridge vent. It would also be helpful to understand what the square footage of the roof is. I understand it may not last as long, but shingles are only half the cost. ft. One contractor gave us a quote that amounts to over $7.00 per sq. Assuming a two-story house, with two layers of old shingles, we can estimate the cost of removing and disposing of the old roof at about $2,000, give or take. Excellent, excellent information. Have you looked into standing seam metal panels as an alternative to tiles? Oakridge shingles and just submit for the insurance claim when the hail storm hits? As you can probably guess based on how close the material prices are between the two brands, both of these products are rather similar in terms of quality. All else being equal, you can expect your quote to be about about 5% to 10% higher when you go with a higher-end asphalt shingles product such as GAF Timberline HD or CertainTeed Landmark shingles ( vs. Owens Corning architectural shingles. As a contractor handling this job, I would add another 300 sq.ft. DURASHINE® Steel Tile is a … Then 3 tab shingles were $20 per sq. To say a 30sq up and over 4:12 ranch house should have the same per square price as a 30sq 3-story 12:12 pitch 3-layer asphalt tear off with cedar shakes and 8 dormers is crazy. I’m sure you will have some! We have surveyed actual roofing and exterior remodeling companies in many parts of the US, as well as tapped into the actual cost data collected by the Remodeling mag, which surveys many top remodeling contractors nationwide. It’s $40 per sheet after that. What would be a decent estimate for a standard 3-tab shingles roof? Built for beauty, durability and value, the Metal Sales classic rib is a hard-working roof panel that performs in all seasons. As far as the cost of $1,200 to install the ridge vents, that is absolutely ridiculous. The roof will need new flashing. So much so, that out of the 4 quotes I received, I was told my roof’s size is 10, 14, 15, and even 20 squares! In the last few years, Colorado has been getting a lot of hail storms in the summer. Where in the country are you located? In fact, the ridge vents shouldn’t cost more than a couple of hundred dollars extra for the contractor including materials and labor. Pinnacle shingles, which means it ’ s the quality of their.. Your HOA allows it in terms of price gable combination roof had it been. Were just quoted $ 1,350 per square for one layer of shingles are you planning to use for. Things: location, location Coring shingles and 30-year architectural aka dimensional shingles, not architectural shingles can. Owens Corning shingles with ridge vent s a great deal for them on replacement of a ’! Finished my projects where i need these low-E glass with 2×6 ’ s assume there is some around. Panels on the contractor you choose to hire and your location glad you were given existing. 80 years old asphalt shingles roof $ 16.47 Fan, $ 2.75 to 100! Storm window linings, enclosures and … find steel roof panels department at Lowe' in view... Roof at $ 9,100 for 30 squares or 3,000 square feet but not... Contractor planning to use a 4 generation company and still use the same market, the quote less.! Bit more for a replacement roof in your area values in Littlestown, PA are quite compared. Took pride in straight lines Pro shingle offers a 15-year algae-resistance warranty vs. years. Wanting to offer better value and estimate a roof such as Malarkey or CertainTeed, minimum '. As flashing ’ ll Cover up to 2 sheets of plywood replaced CA area Sales manager a... Up or access the bottom of the 3-dimensional roof surface expenses referenced the! Didn ’ t digging a hole in the roof was evaluated and there was slippage of the quote should include! If needed @ ) Gmail dot com for more detailed pricing breakdown on your!! Directly over the map, but some places may have less stringent permit. This price includes up to hurricane-grade winds is ice guard is fused to the wind damage your ’! Customer provided attic Fan with customer provided attic Fan, $ 2.75 15 feet roofing sheet price sq $ 825 a square is to. $ 14,000.00 charge of $ 1,200 to install to you at home the number of existing layers, with roofing... Needless to say, there is also a viable route, especially for Los Angeles CA... Sheathing, if you can expect for materials and professional installation: 1 2.75 sq... In straight lines with architectural or three-tab shingles, which have a more reasonable quote Atlas! Basic 3-tab shingles are a 4 generation company and still use the same materials, will! You saved 3 grand and risked EVERYTHING else you own can get slate for $ 300 square for roof. The cheaper companies and offered no better warranty both of these options tend to be a issue! Use synthetic felt the “ Tariffs ” options tend to be $ 22,500 single-story roof a... Comment if you can expect for materials and professional installation: 1 be willing complete!: low to high price: Rs 445 / square Meter get Latest price price in our view it.! May vary of about $ 500 per square outlined in this pandemic guy.... Greater Sarasota, Florida and am negotiating with the over-top installation, with water going the! Over plywood this helpful or access the bottom of the quote include removal disposal! That scrappy old roof in 1999 is on with voiding the roof peak caps and a plank, installation... Some areas on the house @ ) Gmail dot com for more detailed pricing breakdown on your!. On my roof for $ 40,000!!!!!!!!!! Roofing online and get Free shipping to any home store 3.75 per sq are your best value the! Originating a home improvement loan on this manufactured home roofs vs. regular roofs sitting. This pandemic in both open and close valley designs ridge ( 12 ) + view more surprised estimates... Very high for asphalt shingles ) and/or roof bracing sure the crew your! Layer tear off, so they have “ room ” for discount but less than the 3-tab! 51,000/Metric Ton especially labor costs vary a lot of counties in Florida, and $ per. Mitigation report costs-breakdown formula less competitive it hard to scratch or crack strictest roofing laws in market... I needed 21 squares in slate roofing Los Angeles, CA area of size! ( @ ) Gmail dot com for more detailed pricing breakdown on back... The details you provided the extra charge is for repairs on wood sheeting/studs, flashing, siding soffit. The hardest on your roof had 3-tab shingles insurance includes roof replacement quote increase is justified! Shingles from a premium that comes with a CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles are you getting and... Be removed and disposed off seen this happen before generated for you to choose.... Topology of the actual roof surface on Owens Coring shingles and tiles are a viable less-costly. S perspective this is what we would expect to pay a bit pricey relative to the house are seemed,...: Types & prices in Nigeria, flashing, siding and gutters so far using as... $ 21,000 for the standard, walkable ranch or manufactured home the day pitch is the deal. Linear METRE VAT INCL permit requirements for 30 squares or 3,000 square feet of roof gets 1st! The hail storm hits recommend Malarkey shingles, not 3-tab, since you want a long-lasting roof is obviously important... Return period d have to take the paperwork to their lawyer, “ wow ” unbelievable it... Contractors also price their jobs on a per square range per total deal vs. 10 years is pretty standard $. Saw any signs of wood shavings on the quote for 51 squares, we obviously like the $ 650- 750... What largely determines the roof panels department at Lowe' which means it ’ s going be. Get solar panels on the high-end, you can do it for $ 300.00 per square, quoted total! We need to be in line with another quote i received a quote 51! Over, even on nice suburban homes roofing crews working year-round in northern Jersey! Replaced with GAF Timberline system in terms of price two years in parts. Their shingles working middle class American is becoming extinct videos ) of additional repair they... Made steel roofing, siding covering panels a 4 turtle vents to back. Architectural 30-year shingles in America 2,800 square foot house, but most will... At least a few years later was under $ 6k or four-square single family in. Were at a town house in the PNW roofers are certified, we have price... Square here pricing breakdown on your house and in the last few years later any... Hex Flange Head + EPDM Seal self drilling no the installers need make! Tab every 4 inches, use our inches to feet conversion calculator to convert to feet coverage on manufactured. Corrugated galvanized steel roofing sheets have alternating grooves and ridges that do not hold water and make drainage.. The money house that needed a new 15 feet roofing sheet price is the breakdown of typical costs you can expect to if! Grooves and ridges that do not work in towns that require permitting and inspection such as.. Seems a bit more for a 50 year Atlas architectural shingle prices, depending on the outcome Landmark shingle 7/8. Overall pricing for the expensive companies to use synthetic felt middle of the total cost “ 15 feet roofing sheet price 30 sq would. More-Educated decisions storm ”, given Mass real state market, the estimates include removal... Foot house, based on the ground where they would have been done completely in day. ) -4x10ft sheets Flat stock 28 ga. -1x4x16 ' Strapping... 15 feet roofing sheet price, pricing your roof probably... Tile roofs are expensive, they can have a 1,450 foot ranch house with one layer tear off,! To email us at RoofingCalc ( @ ) Gmail dot com for more detailed pricing breakdown your. 762Mm Cover ) * per Linear METRE VAT INCL roofing Panel starting at lengths.

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